Recipes From India

From Samosas – spicy fried triangles of potatoes and other veggies – to the perfect cup of chai. My favorite is the poha! Check out my growing list of flavorful vegan and vegetarian dishes within. Not vegetarian? No problem! Take a look… My list is always growing.

Travels in South Asia

Travel to India and Nepal… I’d love to go everywhere in between. See what you can do in India and Nepal – more destinations coming soon!

Move to India

I’ve moved my entire life to India… twice! Here’s how you can do the same…
Coming soon…

Indian Boyfriend?

Haha – I’ve been there and I’m happy to say we are married now. In the beginning, I used to Google people who had similar experiences that could help me understand what I was getting myself into! Welcome to the community!

Global Health & Beauty Remedies

I love learning about remedies wherever I go! I have a fine collection of Indian Ayurvedic health and beauty remedies as well as remedies from the good ol’ Southern States of the USA — and more!

Female Solo Travel in India

To be continued…

10 Things to do in New Delhi

To be continued…

Fashion: 10 Places to Shop in India

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