2013 Annual Review

2013 Annual Review

2013 Annual Review

2013 Annual Review

What went well this year?
The first thing I thought of, is starting college: I finally got to start college this year, and it was very fulfilling. Although I am currently not taking classes, I plan to do so again in the future. Learning will always be something I am passionate about.

Getting my GED:  I got my GED certificate in the mail at the beginning of this year. What a celebration! I put a lot of work into studying for my GED, and I am still so happy to have that little piece of paper that was required to get better jobs, and even graduate college.

Leaving destructive relationships: Destructive co-workers, hurtful old friends and even some family. I cannot allow people to hurt me willingly. So here’s to knowing when enough is enough!

Getting the scooter: Though I didn’t use it as much as my former room mate did, moments on the scooter were so freeing, and amazing. With the added bonus of being a mode of transportation.

Spending more time with my mom and brothers: When they lived with me, things sometimes became cramped and we all became agitated at some point. But some of the best memories were made, and we all got the chance to bond. ♥

Moving in with my sister: Of all the times I have had to move this year, moving in with my sister has been the only instance where I’ve truly felt at home, and in control of my own environment. Not to mention, I get to spend a ton of time with my niece Katelynn. ♥

Getting my plane ticket to India: When it first happened, I was sort of in denial. XD But as time passed, and things started actually happening… I realized my dream was actually coming true.

Working for Sonny: Working at the daycare was one of the best jobs I ever had, but if there is one thing I love even more, it is the ability to work for the family business.. Which these days, is done from the comfort of home. ♥

Hosting a Couchsurfer: Many people thought the guy I hosted this summer would try to kill me in my sleep. But they didn’t know much about the Couchsurfing website, the rating system or how exactly I knew I would be safe. My guest was a really nice man, and he was actually a writer. During meals, he would tell me stories about his children and grandchildren and his mission in life. It was one of the coolest experiences of this year.

Going to Florida/The island/Seeing the ocean!:  And not only did I see the Atlantic Ocean, but I swam in it! (And I saw a jellyfish.) It was my first time seeing the ocean. I spent the night on the beach with no shelter at all. It was beautiful. I got to see the sun set and rise on the beach. I will not soon forget this incredible experience.

Setting up MyHindiHeart.com:  After my ticket to India was purchased, I knew what I wanted to do – set up a website to document my journey. And as soon as I did, (and the more I work on it) the more I know it was meant to be.

Positive relationships I have built: There is nothing like surrounding yourself with good people. After failed friendships and family feuds, I decided it was time to surround myself with people that I looked up to. People that reflected who I wanted to be. Which helped me to become who I am.

Things that did not go well…
Let’s keep this simple. I’m optimistic. It was hard enough justifying a negative list. XD

Moving in with my best friend: A factor in costing me my friendship. Though I am thankful she was there to help me when I was losing my mind.

I didn’t do as well in school as I wanted to: I can make excuses, but the fact remains. I needed to have put more effort into it.

Leaving my ugly peach house:  Yeah, I hated the landlord, but I finally felt secure there. And leaving caused an ugly chain of unfortunate events.

I didn’t accomplish many goals: While the list of things that went well is huge, these weren’t all planned goals. Mostly blessings.

I briefly became reacquainted with stress: I let it get to me a few times this year.

Fond memories of 2013:

  •  Daily life and sharing laughs with my best friend.
  • Setting up a campfire in my back yard, and cooking over the open flame.
  • Playing with Malechi (my dog) in our back yard.
  • Building an igloo during the “Snowpocalypse” winter this February.
  • Being a part of Katelynn’s daily life.
  • Spending quality time with my sister, sharing laughs and our famous Netflix marathons in our booty shorts. Because we could.
  • Attending Wildcats games with my mom. We found ways to entertain ourselves. (When she wasn’t cheering in my ear.)
  • Awesome late night conversations with DN. (Morning conversations, for him. 😀 )

So long 2013! It’s been nice knowing you! Happy New Year, everyone!

A big “Thank-You” to Chris Guillebeau for showing me that my dreams can come true. Especially traveling dreams. My Annual Review was inspired by his Annual Review process.


  • Cindy

    It’s good to see how you have grown. 😀

  • Katherine B

    I’m so excited for you! and very happy to see how much things have gone in a positive direction!

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