2014 Annual Review

2014 Annual Review

2014 Annual Review

Well, it’s about to be a brand new year. I’d say that this year was overall one giant accomplishment. However I took some twists and turns down my goal path and some things were accomplished while some were not. Then there was the curveball of surprise surgery. It could have been worse though, and I’m blessed everything turned out well this year.

As I make it a habit to do every year now, here is my new annual review for 2014!

world in my hand
The beginning of my worldly adventures began with holding the world in my hand…

What went well this year:

  • As planned, I travelled to India in February safe and sound, and after that, everything changed – including me. India chooses you, they say… She definitely chose me.
  • I got to meet my Indian friends and their families. This may have been the most fulfilling point for me, in this year.
  • I got to meet Lauren from English Wife, Indian Life and attend her amazing wedding.
  • I travelled around India a bit; Through Jhansi, Orchha, Lucknow, Kanpur, Nagpur, Hyderabad and throughout different areas of Delhi.
  • I spent a lot of time and made great memories with my friends and my love.
  • DN told his family about us, and that’s a great step in the right direction.
  • I returned to India to live in my own apartment here in Delhi.
  • I got to spend my favorite major holidays with DN.
  • I accomplished all of my major blogging goals and got a head start on working for myself.


What did not go well this year:

  • Financial surprises. Am I right?
  • While DN did tell his parents about us, they have not yet accepted. But blah blah blah. I talk about that too much.
  • Surprise medical emergency, which really, really sucked. Financially and health-wise. Luckily, my family was sending their virtual support and luckily DN was taking care of me.
  • Things didn’t go the way I hoped they would in my mind, and flying to India and back has been the only thing I’ve been working for this year. I could have spent my time more wisely or bit the bullet and stayed in America for a longer time to save more money.

coconut drinks
Yep. This sums up my year. Sipping on coconut drinks.

I’m really going to miss all the memories made in 2014. (As if they are going somewhere.) I can’t wait to start 2015! As soon as I get time, I’ll write my goals for 2015.

I hope you had a fantastic year!
What were your best moments of 2014? Did you accomplish what you had hoped?

Happy New Year!

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  • Cyn

    I do the same thing every years too, with the exception I don’t list or acknowledge the things that didn’t go well. Most of the negatives are often positives in my life and have served to change my life, so unless I can perceive them as a positive, they don’t count yet. And aren’t worthy of being listed 🙂

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