2014: The Journey

2014: The Journey

2014: The Journey


2014: The Year of the Journey

My prayers have been answered, and my dreams are coming true. 2014 will be an incredible journey, where every step will be as passionate as the last. They say it’s not the destination, but the journey that matters in the end. I’m going to make this entire experience an adventure that I will never forget. Fulfilling to the mind, body and soul.
In 2014, I will dedicate my time to my happiness and success, but I will not lose sight of the journey. I will focus on earning money and enjoying every second of my adventure. I will travel to the Taj Mahal, to Mumbai… I’ll see the ocean there. Among many other travel adventures. I will create successful business connections, and build a reliable and honest business. I will find adventure, love, success and happiness. I will make friendships that will last a lifetime.

In 2014, I will become more spiritually aware and thankful. I will be humble, kind, brave and inspiring. I will be modest, yet wild and free. I will overcome obstacles with humility and grace. I will live a life of honesty and integrity. I will listen. I will be a guiding light. I will follow my calling. I will be the best version of myself, even when times get rough. I will have fun and laugh. I will remember to smile.
At the end of 2014, I will have thousands of dollars in savings, I will be planning new travel adventures, spiritually nourished, and have healthy and happy relationships. This time next year, I want to be a successful writer and blogger, working for myself and making at least $30,000 annually. (A big number for me.) I will live simply and happily. I will have the ability to travel whenever I want, whenever I want.

This is a summary of my goals, featuring the most important goals for 2014:

  • Blog at least once a week. More, if time allows.
  • Write an article once a week.
  • Gain 10 major business contacts.
  • Get a job writing for a major company like Travel Channel, Discovery Channel or Condé Nast.
  • Visit my friends and my friend’s families in India.
  • Volunteer at least once, in India.
  • Visit Agra, Mumbai and Udaipur. Other locations pending.
  • Experience yoga when in India.
  • Learn more about meditation.
  • Learn about Hinduism.
  • Eat healthy. (Hey – that’s a given. But at least 6 people have asked me if I want to get McDonald’s when I go to India. XD No. I rarely eat McDonald’s  here.)
  • Get plenty of cardio every day. (That shouldn’t be a problem.)
  • Practice positive thinking and the law of attraction.
  • Learn to read, write, speak and understand Hindi.
  • Read at least 10 books.
  • Continue my global culture studies.
  • Write at least 2 new songs.
  • Practice my art at least twice a week, for two hours.
  • Aside from my income from the family business, earn $600 a month by freelance writing, art commissions, graphic design, etc.
  • Save 5-10% of monthly income for necessary expenses to volunteer. (Like travel costs)
  • Give 5-10% of monthly income to my mom, for my brothers’ band and football expenses.
  • Open a long term savings account. $40 a month.
  • Save for taxes. (Amount TBD)
  • Save $2 a day, for future travels.

2014 is going to be a powerful year for me! There are several goals I haven’t mentioned above, for the sake of surprise and to keep some things personal. I’m so ready! I already feel successful! Thanks again to Chris Guillebeau for giving me the idea to do this, based on his own Annual Review system. I’d also like to mention Sharell Cook is an incredible woman, and my inspiration. I hope to meet her while I’m in India. Sharell is a writer for About.com, and she blogs as well. If you like what you see on MHH, check her out too!


  • Cindy

    It sounds like you have got your thoughts focused on positivity and are ready to receive what the universe will show you. I’m happy you are documenting the journey here so we can go on it with you. I am excited for you!!

  • amit

    i love your your focus.
    i love to have a coffee with you when you india.
    if you want to do some social work then let me know i will suggest one that is in Alwer, Jaipur.


  • Chai a Cup of Life

    Best of luck with your journey and goals. I’m sure that you will experience them all and a lot more when you are here in India! Take care and keep in touch.

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