A Bit Sleep Deprived…

A Bit Sleep Deprived…

A Bit Sleep Deprived…

There are a few things worth mentioning, at 3 AM, when I very well know I should be sleeping…
As you know, volunteering is something I plan to do, when in India. It’s a major part of my calling, to help people wherever I go. I have always felt that traveling and helping people was my calling. Traveling, language and culture are my passions. (I guess it would be helpful to note that my calling, my passions, my dreams and my goals are all separate.  I’ll break that down another time. I digress.) Back to my original topic: Volunteering in India.
I was talking to DN last night, about my desire to volunteer, while simultaneously searching Google for any opportunities. I know very well, that some opportunities to volunteer cost money. In the end, I’m okay with that. My main goal is to find something I want to do, to help.

As it turns out, I found quite a few opportunities I feel would suit me… From assisting in the rehabilitation of victims of sex trafficking to childcare, or teaching children. But especially teaching children English. Does that sound familiar to anyone? Before I pursued going to India, or even dreamed of India, I briefly considered taking an internship in China, teaching English to children. How perfect would that be, teaching English to children in India? I’ll admit, that sounds a lot like my future. 😀

I told DN about these opportunities, gushing about how useful I could potentially be.
“In fact, successful.” He added.  I couldn’t help but imagine the possibilities.
Working with children and teaching English simply speaks to me. Not to mention my love for kids, and how much I loved working at the daycare, when I did. But this is only a fraction of my future plans to volunteer.  While that sort of thing would come easily to me, I seek a greater challenge. I’m strong enough to move mountains, I’ll have you know. 😀

In other news, it snowed here last night. (Nothing unusual for me, but poor DN would turn into a popsicle if here were here. Hahaha 😀 ) I was working on a logo for MHH earlier this evening, while drinking some cinnamon tea to keep me warm. The weather is no joke. It was -17 C earlier today.
And on that note, I think it’s time I reunited with my blanket. I’ll update again, soon.

Goodnight ♥

Dreaming of free volunteering opportunities in India... (by: Elentori)

Dreaming of free volunteering opportunities in India… (by: Elentori)


  • Cindy

    I love your passion to serve others. You are such a beautiful person.

  • kimi colney

    Best wishes..hope u have a safe journey and a good time..will look forward to your updates!

  • kimi colney

    good to know there are still people like u in this world…who are so enthusiastic to help others…im sure India will benefit greatly from u….!

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