A Brief Christmas Update

A Brief Christmas Update

A Brief Christmas Update

So here we are! Christmas has come and gone, but the holiday season has not yet passed. Despite the fact that I’ve been going through a hard time lately, I’m just happy I could celebrate a holiday that is so special to me, with the one I love.

Don’t get me wrong, I miss my family a lot – but it means so much to me that I can share this holiday with DN for the first time.

Our tree came in a few days before Christmas…

Christmas tree
How Does it look?

We also have a heater now, as it can get quite cold here. I’m soo glad we finally have a heater!

Isn’t it beautiful? 😉

I’m also going to be celebrating New Years here! Oh my! That makes me so happy! At the end of 2013, just before the 2014 new year, I was envisioning being in India and being happily in love with DN. I have a lot to be thankful for. My dreams came true!

If I have time today, I’ll be writing about my Christmas here in India!
In a few days, I’ll be posting my Annual Review.

Keep following along! If you celebrate, Merry Christmas to you!


  • Cindy

    Your Christmas tree is perfect! Your heater is beautiful – absolutely glowing! I can’t wait for your annual review!! ♡

  • Deb H

    So glad you got to spend your Christmas with DN, nothing more special than being with your special love at Christmas. Looking forward to the year in review. Love you and have a Happy New Year.

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