A year ago today, I met DN

A year ago today, I met DN

A year ago today, I met DN

I’ve foregone celebrating all of my anniversaries. My Hindi Heart’s 1st anniversary was on November 1st of 2014. I still haven’t decided what to do about it. I’ve long passed 100 posts, and I still have no idea how to celebrate that, either.  On February 18th, I left for India the first time, which was also my first international experience. It just slipped my mind.

But today, in India, marks the first time I met DN.

At about this time, last year. I was holding my breath and trying to soothe my heart, which was beating harder with each passing moment. For the first time, I was really scared. I wasn’t scared of crossing the globe. I wasn’t scared of being in India alone. I was scared that DN wouldn’t like me for some reason. I was scared things would go wrong.

I kept my eyes down as I began to exit the train, but there he was, standing in my path. He had no words. I could only whisper “Hi…” and even that took all of my courage.

When we made it to my hotel room, we sat together, smiling and blushing. I tried to tell him my experiences, but my voice was shaking. My hands were shaking. When his uncle brought us chai, my hands were shaking so badly that the tea cup and saucer were rattling against one another.

We both felt as if we had met a thousand times before. ♥

We’ve had so many experiences this year, and made so many beautiful memories. I can’t wait to see what our future will hold.

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