About Dubai

About Dubai

About Dubai

Dubai is located just inside the Gulf States, and is considered the second largest of the United Arab Emirates. Though despite being in the center of an oil-rich area, Dubai’s revenue from oil only accounts for a mere 6% of its gross domestic product. Regardless, Dubai is extremely successful and innovative in the construction and development of many different industries, and sets an example through its progress. Dubai has evolved into a worldwide attraction, having flourished from a small desert port to a magnificent corporate city.

The buildings are the most spectacular sight to see, in Dubai. Besides the forest of skyscrapers, the museum is another great place to see, as it provides intriguing knowledge on the Emirates. Palm Island is a man made island, recently developed, that appears as a palm tree from above. Another amazing project currently being developed is called ‘The World‘. It is a series of man made islands shaped and sized perfectly to resemble our world from an aerial view.

Dubai is famous for its wide range of impressive international cuisine. Restaurants are costly, but extremely worth the price in its unique experience. If you plan to do some shopping in Dubai, you can find many shopping centers and one-of-a-kind shops alike. There is even a Shopping Festival! Dubai is well known for its glamour and luxury.

If you are looking for a unique experience, take part in Camel Racing in Dubai. It’s a famous traditional sport in the Emirates and is free to the public. Or take a land cruiser (or a camel, your choice) through the desert, and spend the night in an Arabian style tent under the Arabian stars. There’s so much beauty and adventure packed into this desert oasis.

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