About Hyderabad

About Hyderabad

About Hyderabad

Hyderabad is located in the center of the South India, and earns the nicknames: ‘City of Pearls‘, and ‘Cyberabad‘. Both nicknames represent the two cultural parallels at work: Technology and tradition. Hyderabad is an IT hub as well as a historic and cultural relic. Hyderabad is a land graced with an abundance of lakes and awe inspiring parks. Evidence of British rule still remain, as the once Independent entity had been governed by the British for so long, eventually being incorporated back into the greater India.

Travelling to Hyderabad is a majestic experience, as historic sites, temples and deep rooted culture are abundant. Corporate buildings are balanced by grand traditional architecture, adorned with golden hues and laced with marble masterpieces. The city is overshadowed by the triumphant Qutubshahi Tombs, imposing the most magnificent white dome, housing the legacy of the powerful Qutb Shahi Dynasty, the Shia Muslims of Turkish origins.
The Charminar is the most famous and significant monument in Hyderabad, built in 1591 to commemorate the obliteration of the plague. The four spires showcase Cazia architecture and can be best enjoyed by conquering the 149-step spiraling staircase up to the top, for the best panoramic view of the Hyderabad skyline.

Immerse yourself in the deepest hues of culture by visiting Hyderabad. Visit the modern cities such as Hitech City, or wander into the village-like areas to find the best food and the most kind and humble people. Hyderabad is famous for its Biryani. Try the world-famous Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani or Veg Biryani. Hyderabad is also a great place to learn about Muslim culture. There are so many wonderful reasons to go!

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