About Nagpur

About Nagpur

About Nagpur

Nagpur is known as the biggest city in central India, and is also known for being the second capital of the state of Maharashtra. Nagpur is well known for its oranges, being the major trade center for oranges, and earned the nickname “Orange City” because of it. Nagpur is an abundant and ever-growing metropolis, full of lush gardens, greenery and endless adventure. Whether you are simply walking down the busy streets or paying a visit to the local monuments such as the Dikshabhumi or the tropical Ambazari Lake, you are falling through the rabbit hole of cultural wonderland.

Historical Nagpur highlights Pavnar, a historic village claimed to have been named after the legendary Rajput King Pavan. Pavnar is rooted at the banks of the powerful Dham river. Pavnar is home to an ashram founded by Acharya Vinoba Bhave, the great activist and social reformer. The Ashram focuses on the treatment of patients suffering from leprosy. Sharing the location is the Gandhi Kuti. During a recent excavation, stone panels from the Wakataka Dynasty were uprooted, and are now on display on site.

Nagpur is full of historical and religious moments and sights to see. Visit the Zero Mile, the Adasa Temple, or the Dragon Palace Temple.


Places To See In Nagpur

Zero Mile – Stone of India: In the center of Nagpur is the “Zero Mile stone of India”. This is the point that measures distance to each and every Indian city.

Adasa: A little village that is home to the ancient Ganesh Temple that shelters a statue of the elephant-headed deity himself, which is believed to have self-evolved. It’s one of eight Ashta-Vinayaks in Vidarbha.

Dragon Palace Temple: This temple was inaugurated in 1999, and received National and International awards for it’s strong and beautiful structural design. Numerous delegates from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, Japan, America and the U.K. visit the Dragon Palace Temple – which is considered a landmark of the INDO-JAPAN friendship. Fourteen countries and their representatives participated in the grand inaugural function. This monument is visited by over 17 million people every year.

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