About Orchha

About Orchha

About Orchha

Orchha is a small town in Madhya Pradesh, near Jhansi of Uttar Pradesh. This peaceful and humble city is far from a metropolis. Take a relaxing stroll through the streets, with no fear of busy traffic. Expect to see crowds of Indians and tourists alike, piling together outside of sweets shops, flower shops and souvenir shops – all in preparation for the temple ahead. Some shop keepers sit unsheltered from the sun, on colorful rugs, calling out to anyone passing by. They hold wicker baskets over flowing with hand-made jewelry, crafted ring boxes, idols and sacred ornaments.

Visit the temples near by to feel the vibration of the uplifting spirituality this holy city offers, or visit the river to take a cleansing dip and watch the sun set behind the temple spires. Be sure to visit local restaurants and hotels to try the unique cuisine. Lastly, take shelter from the sun by taking a tour of the Orchha Fort. Immerse yourself in an ancient era defined as the ‘India of Maharajas’, as you wander through the barren halls towards the balcony view of the city below.

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