Across 9,500 Miles…

Across 9,500 Miles…

Across 9,500 Miles…

Last year, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I’d be going to India. So many mixed feelings came with it. I was so happy to be living my dream, but I was a bit nervous to do it alone. I was swelling with pride, and my courage fueled me forward into the unknown. DN and I knew, before everyone else knew, that we were in love with each other before I left for India. So resultantly, I was also terrified that he somehow wouldn’t like me. I had hope that my dream of travelling India would be everything I wanted it to be, but I was also cautious of things going wrong.

So I crossed 9,500 miles of unexplored land and sea, to get to India. 

Days passed and I met DN.
A week passed and I met his family.
Weeks passed and I went on an adventure with DN, to Lucknow.
A month passed and I lived in my own rented room in Jhansi.
Several months passed and I had explored many cities and saw many sights. I was then living in a PG in Delhi and meeting with DN every day. We were inseparable.
Four months had passed and it was time to go home for awhile.
Three months have passed since I left India – three months of being away from DN and the place I feel most at home.

Now in less than two days I will be leaving for India. Crossing those 9,500 miles and closing the gap in our long distance relationship, thus beginning an entirely new adventure in India.

There has been a whirlwind of emotions between DN and I.
In the beginning, we experienced separation anxiety and the post-travel blues. Towards the middle, with my payment flux, we also experienced extreme emotional highs and lows. We would get our hopes up about money coming in, only to be let down when it didn’t. We were missing each other so much that we would get frustrated easily. We both learned a lot about each other and a lot about ourselves. I realized the true beauty in raw humanity and unconditional love.

As the days counted down, we began to feel nervous all over again. I get butterflies every time I think about reuniting with him. We will be shy all over again. We will fall in love all over again. ♥

It’s time again, to cross those 9,500 miles between us and begin yet another new chapter of our lives.


  • Susan

    I am so happy for you and DN! Safe travels! Please blog when you have time. Take care, susan

  • Cindy

    Your story is so beautiful. ♡

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