Akshardham – Part II

Akshardham – Part II

Akshardham – Part II
After emerging from the security check, I met with DN, Ash and Via. We wandered into an area that seemed like an outdoor shopping mall – a lot like a specific mall in my home city. Needless to say, it was a surprising comfort. I waited with Via outside a shop, as DN and Ash went inside. When they returned, they were carrying cups with straws – filled with soda. 😀 “Coke or Limca?” Ash asked me. I normally would go for Coke, and I think that was the reason only one cup had Coke in it. Anyway, I wanted to try Limca this time. I always see the advertisements on TV, and it looks so yummy. 😀
We sat down at a table, next to a woman and her baby. Her baby was interested in talking to me, and pulling at my scarf. Cute baby. 😀 I said “Hi” and grabbed her tiny hand.
The guys talked and I listened drinking my soda and trying not to look too eager. (I was so thirsty though.) It was really refreshing. The boys finished their drinks and we walked around until we found the entrance to the temple / cultural center area. We removed our shoes at a smaller separate building, and checked them in. We walked over to the temple / cultural center. It was huge and beautiful outside. I walked slowly with DN, Ash and Via just near by. When we got inside, it was extremely beautiful. There were carvings on the walls and ceiling. Everywhere, really. We wandered further in, until I saw the most beautiful thing I had seen, to date… A room filled with deities, painted in beautiful colors and gold, and gems. It was sparkling, and lit by an incredible chandelier. I studied the beauty, and offered a simple prayer. On the walls, were big paintings depicting famous moments in religion.
Otherwise, shrines of deities were found everywhere. They were so detailed, and beautifully displayed. There was even a display in the middle of the room with famous religious artifacts. It was very fascinating. In every room, the carvings on the walls and ceiling depicted something new. DN and I wandered around together, and eventually met back up with Ash and Via, and collected our shoes from the check-in building.
We went to a cafeteria sort of area. The minute I entered, I felt a wave of heat hit me. It wasn’t simply that there were so many people inside, but also because there were no fans. I’m not a princess, I don’t need AC… But fans to circulate the air would have been nice. The entire time we sat in there, I was sweating. As Ash and DN were making plans on what food to bring, I made a comment about not being hungry. I just needed water. I asked DN for water.
I went to sit with Via at a table and he could see that I was extremely hot. It seemed he felt bad, and made a comment about possibly eating outside, when the others returned. I was hopeful. When both boys returned, Via and Ash had a giant tray of food to share between them. Me and DN had small plates with two small, white disks of bread and a sort of sauce that went with it. It’s known as Idli, and it’s a Southern Indian dish. A dish reminiscent of chili and cornbread. I was relieved that he only brought me a little food. When I saw the water, I immediately poured myself a glass. Ahhh…
The bottle that was meant for all of us, I’m pretty confident I drank at least half of, by myself. Sorry guys. :O
As I started slowly eating, DN piled more food from Ash and Via’s tray, onto my plate. My eyes widened, and I grumbled about not being able to eat much. “I just want you to try it.” DN noted. And I did, I tried everything, though I was not hungry. I stopped when I couldn’t eat any more. DN looked over at me. “You’re done?” He asked, puzzled. I felt a bit embarrassed. Wasting food anywhere in the world is not good. I ate a little more, before I really couldn’t go on. Everyone else was finished, and sitting quietly. This always happens. DN looked at me again, and asked: “Done?”
“Yes – I told you I wasn’t hungry, just thirsty. But you put all this food on my plate. You said try it, so I did.” I snapped back, feisty and playful. He laughed at my feisty reply, and Via and Ash got quiet, as if they were trying not to hear me scolding DN. DN took my plate and we washed our hands before leaving.
Ahhh… The breeze was so nice…
The pathways of the garden, formed a lotus. ♥

The pathways of the garden, formed a lotus. ♥

The guys walked ahead of us, and DN and I had the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company, before leaving.
On the way out, Ash took a picture of DN, Via and I. I thought I would look terrible, but when I saw it later, it didn’t look so bad.
The metro train was a smooth ride, but upon getting up at our stop, I stumbled backwards as the train jolted. I was tired from the day. When DN dropped me off at home, I guzzled water and laid in bed. I couldn’t get enough water that night.
In total, it was an awesome night. It’s always fun to hang out with DN and his friends. It’s safe to say that DN keeps good company. 🙂

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