New Comic: “Are you converting to Hinduism?”

New Comic: “Are you converting to Hinduism?”

New Comic: “Are you converting to Hinduism?”

The number one question I get asked (or my family gets asked on my behalf) is…

converting to hinduism comic

Seriously. I get asked if I’m Hindi a lot. In fact, many people don’t know that Hindi is a language and Hindu is someone who follows Hinduism, a religion.

Here are the variations:

  • “Are you Hindu now?”
  • “Are you converting to Hinduism?”
  • “Are you going to become Hindu?”

But let’s get to the bottom line – you still want to know if I am Hindu, or if I am going to become Hindu… And the answer is no. I am not converting to anything.

When I get married, I will be married in a traditional Hindu ceremony. I will wear all the symbols and take on the role of a Hindu wife. I pray at temples, and I always will. I love that. I feel close to certain deities. I agree with many Hindu beliefs and stories. Hinduism has awakened a part of my spirituality that has always been asleep – it’s simply a major part of my spirituality.

I want you to understand how I feel about Hinduism.

I want you to understand that I am a very spiritual being, and that I do not believe that one religion is the right, or the only way. I have many spiritual beliefs that I am passionate about, and therefor, I do not identify with one specific religion.

Many Indian people assume that I am Christian, because I am white. Many of my family members assume I will become Hindu, because I am living in India.

When DN teaches me about Hinduism, I am eager to know more. I swoon over the romantic stories, sulk over the injustice, and over all, soak up the knowledge that Hinduism teaches.

DN knows a lot about Christianity, because he attended a Christian school. Yet he still likes hearing stories from Bible, that I learned growing up. We constantly teach each other, and through our combined wisdom, try to be the best human beings we can be.

We are a lot alike, when it comes to our religious and spiritual beliefs, despite the fact that we come from different religious backgrounds.

I’ve prayed in Church. I’ve prayed in Hindu Temples, and Gurdwaras. I’ve prayed in Buddhist Temples, at Shrines, and everywhere in between. That’s what my spirituality is like. ♥ I respect every religion, and actively practicing and learning about Hinduism is spiritually fulfilling.

So that’s it.

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