Cooking In America vs Cooking In India

Cooking In America vs Cooking In India

Cooking In America vs Cooking In India

Cooking seemed… Easier… In America.
While it’s true the best dishes were made from scratch, some of my favorite meals took 3 easy steps:

  1. Boil pasta
  2. Add sauce
  3. Eat


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Moving to India meant either living without the food I loved, or managing to cook it one way or another. Enjoying macaroni & cheese, for example, means boiling pasta, adding full cream, salt, ghee (butter) and cheese (which appears to be a mixture of cheddar and mozzarella) and turmeric to give it a slight yellow color – to trick myself into believing that it’s the cheddar cheese I know and love. It turns out okay.

My favorite American dish, which is definitely Southern Soul Food, would probably be mashed potatoes with a side of macaroni & cheese, peas and if I’m feeling it, fried chicken. Let me tell you, that takes work! But it’s still not considered a full meal – in fact – nothing is considered a complete and filling meal without roti. 😉

Since I’ve been in India, I’ve done nothing but learn to cook Indian food from scratch. That means, using nothing but fresh vegetables and spices – sometimes whole spices, which I have to crush into powder on occasion with my rolling pin because I have no grinder. The struggle is real. Making sabji, curry, biryani, roti and parathas from scratch is hard work, my friends.

Luckily, DN has been very helpful in teaching me and lending a hand or even cooking for us. I’m blessed to have such a helpful partner, and trust me, I’d be half starved on a steady diet of maggie (Indian ramen noodles) if I didn’t have him as inspiration to cook. I’m also glad to have a willing test subject such as Via Bhaiya to test out my attempts at American food cooked from scratch – for example, our Thanksgiving meal.


  • Cindy

    Even in America people cook from scratch… real scratch. But most people lead such busy lives that processed food (boxed, canned, frozen, precooked) has become the new norm. However, as American’s are figuring out that this food is causing disease, they are trying to go back to scratch methods. So I’m so glad you are learning these skills. It’s like sewing, it’s really good to know how to do it. I know that cooking from scratch all the time can be SO time consuming. You eat something in 10 minutes that it may have taken an hour, or an hour and a half to cook. Then there is the clean up. I do understand!! I think it’s really cool that you are finding ways to make some of our dishes from scratch though!!!

  • Cyn

    Over time you’ll equip your kitchen with better tools to help cut time in the cook from scratch deal. For grinding spices, you don’t need anything more fancy then a mortar and pestle, they are sold in all stores selling crockery, but women in India buy most of their masala mix already ground today, saves time. You’ll find that the freezer becomes your best friend to store stocks, and pastes that you can make in advance too 🙂

  • rohit

    Hey lovely……Where is your Sasu Ma.?

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