My Generous Friends, Readers And Fellow Bloggers

My Generous Friends, Readers And Fellow Bloggers

My Generous Friends, Readers And Fellow Bloggers

Well there is less than a week until it’s time to leave for India. I’m so happy! I got the chance to spend time with my family and best friend. We went to the Kansas City River Market, had coconut water, sugar cane juice and fresh smoothies. We also went shopping at a local Indian grocery store, where I helped everyone buy something and we got some samosas. I was shopping for bindis there. My favorite kind being the jeweled bindi, but to my pleasant surprise, I also found these normal bindis which are even harder to find here. (Pictured above)

After that, we had an early dinner at our local Indian restaurant, Korma Sutra. One important member couldn’t make it to the occasion, a good friend since childhood, but to my surprise she sent some of my favorite treats and a sweet note. ♥
I’m so happy my friends and family can still be so loving and supportive, even when I have had little or no time to spend with them.

People are so generous. Before I left, fellow blogger Nothing Is Exotic sent me a few books to read, after expressing my desire to read Dreaming in Hindi. Which due to work, I have yet to read. I’m saving it for the long plane ride. 😀

Last week I received a donation from a reader, and several gifts from my friends and family. Thank you so much! I’m writing to share my world with you, and I can barely express how much it means that you are, in turn, showing your support. Finally, if you haven’t seen it, Lauren from English Wife, Indian Life has shared my story on her website. It’s very kind of her to share my story. It has helped people on a similar journey find a story they can relate to, and ultimately touched the hearts of her readers and followers. See my story here, and while you’re at it, visit my friend Larissa’s story.

For everyone reading, everyone sharing, everyone cheering me on as I live my dreams, everyone asking questions or even silently supporting me… To everyone supportive of me and DN’s love story… Thank you! 


  • Jen

    Glad you got treats! Im sure going to miss you and I hope you have a great time once again!!

  • Cindy

    The support you get makes your heart sing; I can see it in you. It fills my heart too. May love, kindness, generousity and positivity prevail always. ♡

  • Casey Brown

    Love you girly, I had an amazing time. Hope we can spend more time together when you come home next time!

  • Andrea

    I hope that you enjoy the books!! Also if you want bindis, there’s a website where you can get simple ones. Or, ya know, just pick up a bunch of bindi cards for 3 Rs each when you’re over there… you will NEVER run out… I’ve given away half my bindis twice now and I still have way too many. I don’t really wear them here unless I’m going to the temple or it’s Durga Puja or something.

    • Rani

      Yes I am definitely enjoying them ♥
      I passed and entire shop of bindis. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed. lol

  • rohit

    Welcome In India…you are on the road to fullfill your dream. On the First days of Navratra, I Pray for your best future and Maa Durga’s bless with you.

    • Rani

      Thank you Rohit! You are too kind 🙂
      May Maa Durga bless you and your family. ♥~

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