So I have to go to Nepal…

So I have to go to Nepal…

So I have to go to Nepal…

Lounging around one evening, DN mentioned that he really believed my visa expired on the 21st, not the 31st. Well my plane ticket back home was booked for the 31st. To ease his mind, I allowed him to take a look at the visa page on my passport. Feeling completely confident, as I double checked before scheduling the plane ticket, I was quite shocked to see that DN was right about his suspicion.
I called my mom and my mom spoke to my grandparents in a collaborative effort to try to change my plane ticket to a sooner date, from the US. We booked through Travelocity, and had to jump through quite a few hoops just to get someone to tell us what to do and how much it would cost. By this time, I was kicking myself for the extreme miscalculation.

My mom contacted me the same night (day time in the US) and informed me that the price was going to be anywhere from $800 to $2000 to change the flight ticket.


Just weeks before, I was calculating how much it would cost to go to Nepal, in case I wanted to extend my stay. With that information in mind, I informed my mom that there was indeed a cheaper way to catch my flight after all.

DN and I spent the entire night researching, and well into the next day. We mapped out everything from our way there to our way around Nepal and finally our way back to India.

This will be DN’s first time abroad! ♥

Though my journey took an unexpected and sharp turn, I’m looking forward to this adventure into Nepal.
I’ll write more about it, soon. ♥


  • hanna

    This makes me so happy to read. You’ll love Nepal both of you!
    I had a similar problem when I booked my flights and I had so many problems trying to find out how to change the dates but in the end I got a full refund of my flight ticket so I went with a different company and a cheaper ticket and got to move my flight!
    But anyway I am so happy that you are spending your time in Nepal and I’m looking forward to seeing what you both get up to!

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