The Elusive “Man In A Saree”

The Elusive “Man In A Saree”

The Elusive “Man In A Saree”

To the person (or people) searching for the term “man in saree” or “saree man” or “men in saree“, what exactly are you looking for? And what in the world leads you to my blog? Not just my blog, because it has probably happened to all of us bloggers.

So what are you looking for? This?

Dhoti man in saree

This is known as a dhoti.
The dhoti is a traditional garment worn by men, also known as mardani, pancha or veshti. It is a 15 foot long (4.5 metres), unstitched piece of rectangular shaped cloth. It’s wrapped around the waist and legs, and tied at the waist. It looks kind of like a saree or a skirt. In southern India, it’s worn by the groom in wedding ceremonies. It’s actually worn under several circumstances. Even Mahatma Gandhi wore one.

For more information on the dhoti, click here.

I hope this helps you, determined searcher. I hope this helps you.


  • rohit

    I just Read your story on Lauren Blog. Your story touch my heart. I feel very good when someone love to learn Hindi. I know you will get whatever you want, you love, just becz Lord Ganesha came in your dream. And the way you are working hard, will fulfill your dream. I am hindi blogger. Your and Lauren post give me chance to peep in the person who love India.

    • Rani

      Thank you Rohit. I’ll check out your blog as soon as possible. I appreciate your unwavering support!

  • Casey Brown

    Very interesting. 15 feet of fabric on pants! Needless to say I wouldnt want to be the person who accidentally steps on pantleg and watch the whole thing unravel! xD

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