New Comic: Confusing Hindi

New Comic: Confusing Hindi

New Comic: Confusing Hindi

As I have said before, I do a lot more understanding Hindi than I do speaking it. When I’m listening to spoken Hindi, or a conversation between DN and his friends, I can often understand what’s happening.

However, I don’t understand every word – and sometimes that one confusing word is the key to understanding the context of a situation…

New Comic Hindi Learning Struggles

From left to right –

Via Bhaiya: Are we going to the mall? But the metro is too crowded. Let’s go to the local market.
DN: Okay, bro! That’s right, we will go to the mall tomorrow.

Me: Crowd? Let’s go..? Crowd?

There have been times where I can’t understand the context of a situation thanks to one word. So I have no idea what’s going on. It’s completely frustrating. It’s also worth mentioning that the words for “yesterday” and “tomorrow” are the same word in Hindi.

Welcome to Hindi! *Audience clapping* Where time both exists and does not exist! You’ll never know whether you are doing something today or tomorrow, if you’ve already done it, or when you will – but by god, you will get it done anyhow.


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