New Comic: The Disadvantages of Being a Blogger

New Comic: The Disadvantages of Being a Blogger

New Comic: The Disadvantages of Being a Blogger

When you are any kind of public figure, you take the chance of putting yourself out there. When you present yourself to other people, you have to accept that not everyone will like you or agree with you. When you make the decision to do what you love, you have to work hard, and often in vain, in the hopes that your dreams will be realized.

Take a look at these made-up, probably inaccurate statistics:

  • 20% of blog success has anything to do with writing talent.
  • 40% of blog success has to do with networking and marketing.
  • 40% of blog success has to do with who you know.

At least, that’s the way many of us bloggers feel; talent does not mean success. It takes a lot of hard work with no luck to know that.

3 disadvantages to being a blogger

When you have managed to write a blog post and put it out there, you still have a few more things to worry about. These are common for every blogger, artist, or public figure.

Here are a few major disadvantages to being a blogger:

Trolls Will Terrorize You

If you are on the internet, you are giving the world a chance to judge you. However, some people take your presence as an opportunity to harass you, or otherwise say hurtful or irritating things just to provoke a (usually negative) response. Trolls don’t have to have a reason to belittle you.
If you attempt to promote yourself, along comes a troll, eager to mock you. If you write a meaningful blog post, trolls will find a way to make you look stupid. Some trolls write hateful comments for no reason other than to hurt you. It makes their day – and can totally ruin yours.

While you learn to develop thick skin, it always stings a little, when the troll takes a stab at you.

Fellow Bloggers Do Not Equal Potential Friends

Here’s a sad lesson to learn: Just because you are a blogger, does not mean other bloggers see you as their equal. Some bloggers are annoyed with other bloggers, and actually, many bloggers in a similar niche will see you as competition. If you look up to someone, you will most likely be disappointed to find that they could care less about you. Making friends is hard enough over the internet. Making friends with a public figure is nearly impossible, and if you think that gets easier as a public figure, you are wrong.

Humble and kind bloggers are a rare and beautiful sort.

The Hard Work That Produces Little Success

When you really work for your dreams, you know no bounds. “Working hours” do not exist, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. You either neglect your blog, or you get time where you can take it. Sometimes (like now) I am up until 3 AM trying to finish a blog post. I spend a lot of time working my freelance writing job, while trying to balance learning Hindi with looking for a local job, and writing my blog posts. And to top it all off, it’s survival of the fittest, and without working full time, I can’t currently support myself. Blog writing is almost last on that priority list, even though in my heart, it is first.

Plus, I have a long distance relationship to maintain, and in case last week’s post didn’t sum it up well enough, we cope with stress very differently.

Fun fact: I’m not actually good at this. This is hard work, and the act of writing a good blog piece is only part of the equation. I wish I had the choice to work solely on my blog – it’s just nowhere in the near future. Thus, hard work and long hours are inevitable.

And while this post may seem like a downer, I’m trying to shine light on what is realistic – it’s really hard some days.
I guess we all make the best of what we’ve got.

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