New Comic: The Goddess & The Housewife

New Comic: The Goddess & The Housewife

New Comic: The Goddess & The Housewife

Put simply, Indian housewives are essentially domestic Goddesses. Traditional, modern, it doesn’t matter – because Indian housewives are experts at multitasking. If you read about women in Hinduism, you learn the true divinity of women based on how they lead their lives with such harsh social expectations placed over them.

Caring for children, slaving over chores, cooking and serving food, maintaining sanity, spirituality, and sense of self.

And if you put that into perspective, you get this:

Indian Goddess Indian housewife

I have nothing but admiration and respect for Indian housewives. I want to learn as much as I can from them.

I’ve been spending a lot of time considering what the future will be like for DN and I. Despite how scary it is to imagine interacting with and speaking to people I have never met, in very broken Hindi, I also feel butterflies. I want to get to know his family better. I want to spend more time with the women in his family so I can learn what role they have played in his life.

When I think about what makes DN happy, I have to take a good look at culture as well as have a deep understanding of what his family is like. I know I make DN happy just as I am, as he makes me happy just as he is, but our relationship and future is more than just surface happiness. It’s being a good team, meeting each others needs, and making sure we both work hard towards our personal and relationship goals.
I want to be an amazing wife to DN. I want to learn from his mother and sisters how best to accomplish that.

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