New Comic: My Visit To Chaayos

New Comic: My Visit To Chaayos

New Comic: My Visit To Chaayos

So DN, his friend, and I visited Chaayos for the first time. Chaayos is a gourmet tea house here in New Delhi. It was lovely. The menu was full of so many kinds of teas, and even non-tea items such as lemonade or hot cocoa. My drink was half tea, half mango juice. It was magical. ♥
As a former barista, I can really appreciate the variety of tea and gourmet coffee lounge atmosphere.

The guys however… were not so keen on the new experience…

chaayos tea comic

To be fair, their teas were not as sweet. Maybe I’m the only one who can appreciate unsweetened, high quality tea. 😉

Anyway, in the end, I’m just glad they humored me and at least tried the tea. ♥~


  • Cindy

    I, too, love unsweet tea and your new comics!

    • Rani

      🙂 Glad you do!

  • Deb H

    Maybe it is a female thing to like unsweet tea. Very cute comic.

    • Rani

      Ahaha maybe so! 🙂 I’m happy you like it. ~

  • Cyn

    I laughed, because I am a tea fanatic, and love my brew without milk an without sugar but my husband can’t get his without fresh ginger and milk, he can do without the sugar, but a gourmet tea is not something he really enjoys 🙂 so we each end up making our own in the morning

    • Rani

      Ahaha, I’m the same way. I like all kinds of tea. I enjoy drinking tea without sugar or milk, though I do love chai and have tried milk in tea in other ways. But like your husband, DN likes his tea with milk and sugar. I did convince him to try some herbal tea once, and I sweetened it nicely for him. He seemed to like it, but if he has a choice, he’ll always pick the ol’ faithful Desi Chai. 😉

  • Sussikutty

    A good tea shouldn’t need (too much) sugar 😉
    Here in Taiwan they are famous for their “milk tea”. It’s not as complex like chai, here they just mix black tea with milk and sugar. No delicious spices. You may yourself choose how much sugar you want, and the Taiwanese usually choose to add a lot!
    I like the milk tea, but honestly I think even a bad quality chai is better.
    Have you heard about bubble tea? It is just a normal milk tea with big sweet pieces of a chewy candy inside. And it’s almost addictive!

    • Rani

      Oh yes, I love bubble tea! I used to get it at a local tea shop and even bought some of the boba to make it myself at home! I haven’t had Taiwanese milk tea, but I have had Thai tea, which seems similar by what you described. (I really like it also.)
      I’ll have to check it out! 🙂

  • Lauren

    Haha! This is great, they should bring sugar next time :P!

    Would love to see photos and a menu of the types of tea! xxx

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