New Comic: Street Dogs of New Delhi

New Comic: Street Dogs of New Delhi

New Comic: Street Dogs of New Delhi

So as you may know, dogs and cats just run wild here in India. Which is very different for me. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve been in trouble because my cheeky dog Malechi always ran away and wandered the streets, scaring old ladies. It’s not legal, in my city, for cats and dogs to be outside without a collar and leash. This law is important to keep people safe, in case animals become aggressive, and to keep animals from being hit by cars or causing wrecks.

I can actually recall a time when Malechi jumped my fence, and I chased him down the street just to witness him get hit by car. Let me just say, that he was perfectly okay – he was just sore for a little while. The little old lady that hit him was driving under the speed limit, so no serious damage was done. She came back, moments later, to make sure he was okay (and he was).

Since living in my apartment in New Delhi, I’ve befriended the neighborhood dogs. Perhaps they get a little too friendly…

new comic street dogs

Once, when walking down the street, DN stopped to buy some bananas, and instructed me to go ahead and walk home. It was only a few doors down, so I didn’t mind. On my way, I called out to a dog. I love calling the dogs with kisses or clicks, and I love when they wag their tails at me. The dog eagerly came over and sniffed my hands, as I was walking, searching for any food or treat I may have for him. When he realized I didn’t have any more food, he seemed to get excited. Maybe he realized that I was calling him for his love and attention.

He did not hesitate to show that love and attention.

The dog started rubbing his head into my leg, and before I knew it, he had jumped up on me lovingly and started licking me. I giggled and told him to get down, but he didn’t understand. Suddenly, a crowd of dogs appeared. Every dog from our street was standing nearby, wagging their tails and looking at me curiously. I was laughing and loving the attention, though I didn’t necessarily want the dog on me.

DN noticed the scene and started running towards me and shooing the dogs away. He was convinced they loved me so much that they’d carry me away. 😉

He’s very cautious of street dogs, and says they are dirty creatures.

I let him know that they are only dirty because they have to live outside. …And I love them anyway. ♥

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