I Finally Have My Ticket Back To India

I Finally Have My Ticket Back To India

I Finally Have My Ticket Back To India

So I finally have my ticket back to India. It seems like everything has gone wrong in the process of getting back to India, but I’m back on track now. I could have sworn I researched visa extensions when I was with DN in India. I really thought the tourist visa could be extended, but I was so wrong! The Indian tourist visa cannot be extended. I guess I thought it could be, because I was originally planning to come back to India on a business visa – things just didn’t work out that way. So I must have been researching business visas at the time. I hope this helps clear the confusion for anyone looking to get their visa extended. I’ll be an expert on this in no time. 😀 Think of it like this: I am failing so you don’t have to.

It went from one instance to another. It started with being late to apply for my visa, it worked out because my visa was processed in no time but got lost in a shipment center in Tennessee due to a shipping error. When it arrived to me, after so much struggle, it was only a 6 month visa – rather than the 10 year visa I applied for. After that, I found out that my visa could not be extended, so there was no way to make up for my lost time. Then my job went through a financial flux and I was on the downward spiral of not getting paid. Well, finally, as of last weekend… I have my ticket back to India!

It’s really been very stressful for me and DN. Since the time he told his parents about me, he’s been patiently waiting for them to accept us. As time goes by, they seem more accepting and there is hope in that. With only 4 months of my 6 month visa left, we just have to make the most out of our time together.

Wish us luck. ♥

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  • Katy

    Yay! Good luck and safe travels!

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