Catching You Up: Delhi

Catching You Up: Delhi

Catching You Up: Delhi

So it’s been a little while since I’ve updated. The last time you were here reading this, I had returned from Nagpur and I got my nose pierced in Jhansi. Well I’ve moved from Jhansi to Delhi for business reasons. Though the original business reason (training DN) is now quite different. Me and DN are working together successfully, so far, here in Delhi.

Before I left, Bodyguard escorted me to the train station in the wee hours of the morning. The last time I saw him, he was waving at me through the window as the train started moving.
I stuffed my backpack and purse into my seat and used them as a sort of pillow.
The people in the beds surrounding me were also foreigners. I’m not sure where they were from, but they had a French accent to their English. A girl was in the bed above me and two other men were with her in the beds just opposite of us. Luckily I was on the bottom bunk – it was a little nerve-wracking to be taking the train alone, again… But I had a sense of courage. I was on a mission and my main priority was to see DN again.

When a feeling of sadness washed over me, I decided it was time to sleep. Goodbye Jhansi!
A few hours passed and I woke up to several boxed mango juices piled together. One for everyone. 😀 Oh boy! I grabbed mine, shoved it in my purse, checked the time and fell asleep again. I woke up a few times only to notice everyone else was awake and some were sitting on my bed. I didn’t care. It was too early to be awake, and I wanted time to pass quickly. Some people ask me: “How can you sleep in a public place? I couldn’t do it.
Here’s the thing. I’m human. I sleep. Everyone around me is human, and they also sleep. No one wants to be watched or stared at, so you can bet they aren’t watching me. And if, by chance, they are… They are not getting much of a show, and if I catch them, I’ll charge them a fee. 😀

When I woke up again, everyone had their bags gathered and were getting their shoes on. A man came by, collecting sheets. I scrambled to get out of my bed. He pulled the sheets off of my bed and the girl’s bed, above me. She was standing beside me. “Do you want to sit down?” I asked her. She nodded and we both tried to put the middle seat up, but were unable to. I asked the man in the seat opposite of me, to help us. (He made it look easy.) We sat down for about ten minutes. I scanned the area for my giant blue bag. Someone had moved it and put it on the top bed… Great.

When the train stopped in Delhi, everyone was getting off. I was supposed to wait for DN, so I stood in the coach as everyone poured out.

Suddenly, a man came by and pointed to my bag, speaking Hindi. Poor me. I thought he was trying to help me get my bag down – which he did… But then he started leaving with my bag. My eyes widened. I grabbed my other bags and followed him off the train. He kept going. I gathered some authority and asked him to stop.

“Taxi, Madam?” He asked, confused.

“No. Wait. I am waiting for someone.” I spoke slowly and clearly, hoping he could understand.

I looked around. I suddenly started hoping and praying that we were at the right stop. I didn’t see DN, but there were definitely crowds and crowds of people.

“Taxi, Madam?” He asked again.

“No. Wait.” I said, again.

I scanned the crowd again, until my eyes met with familiar eyes. I could see DN walking towards me with confidence. I smiled, relieved and quite happy to see him again.

He bickered with the man holding my bag, and soon, we were on our way. Every 0.2 seconds, someone was asking me: “Taxi, Madam? Taxi?”
It got worse as we neared the exit. People were calling out to me for a taxi and some were even reaching out at me. DN did a pretty good job of keeping them from bothering me. I just kept my eyes forward and ignored them.

On the way out, I heard some guy say, “Wow… Gori..!” (White / fair girl)

I didn’t feel bad about it – but I did make a mental note of it. That’s the first time anyone has said anything like that to me. But, I didn’t even flinch. I simply followed DN.

We finally got a taxi, made our way to the metro train. This was my first time on a metro train (if you don’t count the tiny transit train in the Atlanta airport) and it was interesting. First, when they scanned my bags, I had to take out and show them all the metal objects I had. That was a bit embarrassing. And poor DN had to carry around my heavy bags. :O
The experience itself was exactly as I imagined it would be.

We managed to go to Western Union to retrieve my money, and then I finally (at the end of the day) settled into my PG (Paid Guesthouse). Two other girls stay in my PG, but the two men that run the PG speak little English. The good news is, they are kind to me and I have not had any issues.

I’ve had a few chances to explore Delhi, and for the most part, it seems like a nice place. Like any big city anywhere, it’s dirtier and busier than the smaller city of Jhansi. No one has bothered me, really. I’ve been to two different malls (with DN, Via, and another friend), and even had the chance to go to the market with DN, his elder sister, her husband and their son. We shopped around, had something (really strange) to eat and then on the way home, DN asked me if I wanted to get mehndi done. UM. YES! ♥ What a sweet guy. 😀

A market in Delhi. We were in front of a sweet ice / flavored/shaved ice cart.

A market in Delhi. We were in front of a sweet ice / flavored/shaved ice cart.

After a day, my mehndi finally evolved and became the color it was always meant to be. :D

After a day, my mehndi finally evolved and became the color it was always meant to be. 😀

I’ve had several opportunities to spend time with DN, and I’m happy I got to meet one of his sisters! What a wonderful family he has. ♥ Let’s just say things are moving right along! ^_^

Enjoy the view from my roof!

Enjoy the view from my roof!

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