From India to Nepal – Part 5

From India to Nepal – Part 5

From India to Nepal – Part 5

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When we arrived in Sunauli, near the border between India and Nepal, our bus stopped, and military men came to the side of the bus to do a customs check.
Next, I was singled out and had to get off of the bus to get my stamp out of India and into Nepal. DN accompanied me, and we walked through Sunauli, across the India-Nepal border together.

It felt so symbolic. My heart filled as we walked across the border together. The Nepal flag was painted on a pillar near the other side, and every step closer felt like an accomplishment.
And there we were. ♥ Nepal.

Crossing Nepal Border

We exchanged some of our Indian rupees for Nepali rupees continued to the office to get my entry stamp. The bus met us on the other side of the border, in Nepal. We climbed back on, though we only traveled for two minutes before stopping again, at an old, tired rest top.

Nepal rest stop nawalaxmi

Our driver and his assistant left the bus to have a meeting with a few Nepali military men, and an official in a black turtle neck. I rested a while, as the meetings continued, before we finally found out we weren’t going anywhere for awhile. Riots were breaking out in Kathmandu, and the police were too busy with that to ensure our safety.

They decided we’d wait it out at the rest stop. We arrived at 7 a.m. and waited until nearly 5 p.m. By that time, I was exhausted but unable to rest comfortably in the seat of the bus. Until our departure, I did my best to pass the time. I stayed mostly outside, soaked up the sun, and cooed at a local street puppy.

Nepali Street Puppy

While waiting, we discovered a restaurant, had a conversation with a local Nepali man near a straw hut, discovered a small shrine, and DN snuck away from me to enjoy chai alone. 😉

Nepal Street Dog

shrine in nepal

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