Indian Food Has Changed My Life

Indian Food Has Changed My Life

Indian Food Has Changed My Life

Indian food has changed my life. Think I’m kidding? It wouldn’t be as funny if I were joking. 😀 If you know me well, this is bound to blow your mind.

Before I came to India, back in the U.S., I enjoyed going out to eat at our local Indian restaurant, Korma Sutra. I only got the chance to eat out every now and again, but I enjoyed it every time. You can blame my best friend for my addiction. I visited the Korma Sutra restaurant for my 22nd birthday, for the first time. Before this, I had never eaten Indian food. After this experience, I knew I liked Indian food, but normal life resumed and I didn’t think much about it. I knew I liked Naan (oven-baked flat bread) and Samosas (a fried or baked pastry, filled with all things good. Such as: Potatoes, onions, peas or sometimes chicken or lamb) for sure!

Eating Indian food was a rare treat, as it was somewhat costly. Months before I left for India, I had a craving to cook and eat Indian food. I got recipes for Hyderabadi style Chicken Biryani, Aloo Sabzi,  Naan and even Samosas. I had no idea how well my cooking would turn out, before I began. Looking back, I’m extremely proud of myself for the Chicken Biryani, but the samosas and naan need work. 😀 Haha. I now know that for sure. Cooking Indian food was somewhat costly as well, and extremely time consuming for someone who is not experienced. Hunting down each ingredient was also challenging.

Living in India and eating Indian food every day has convinced me that I’m really not sure how happy I ever was, eating the food I did. Sure I miss some American foods, and even some Mexican food. One thing I am absolutely certain of, is that I will forever never desire fast food again. McDonald’s, Subway, Sonic, all of that. Just… No. There’s nothing quite like my dad’s homemade Mexican food, though. ♥ Second to that, I may want to have a Pancho’s chicken burrito with my mom from time to time. I also occasionally crave my favorite American dish… Homemade Macaroni & Cheese.  ♥

So, sure I have my favorite things… But when I reflect on how unhappy I was with the basic American diet, I am referring to fast food, pre-packaged foods and things I once loved as a child that now make me cringe (hot dogs). Things I will probably never touch again: Hot dogs, things labeled ‘cheese product’, and pre-packaged foods like hot pockets and the like, and others. In comparison, the food that was a part of my daily life was unhealthy (in many ways), not filling and not as flavorful.

I’m not running an ‘Eat My Way, Or Your Life Will Suck’ campaign, so don’t take me the wrong way.

I fell in love with Indian food, though. You may remember that part of my New Year Plan was to eat mostly vegetarian. I began this at the start of the new year, and after coming to India, I have lived a complete vegetarian lifestyle so far, save the Lucknow McDonald’s incident.
Oh god, I could never be vegetarian. ← This is what you are thinking.
Anyone who knows me, knows I said the same thing, once. For most of my independent life, I have preferred eating chicken when I eat meat, and preferred staying away from red meat. That slowly evolved, though, and I would only eat chicken. The same is true, now, you could say. As I said, I’ve eaten chicken once since I’ve been here, and otherwise have eaten completely vegetarian food.

Everything I have had the pleasure of eating has been amazing! The food here is so full of flavor, and extremely filling. From the soft, warm breads (ex: roti, naan…) to the spicy potato dishes to the hardy and filling paneer (Indian cheese) dishes… Every meal fills me up and the only thing I’m thinking is: ‘Oh my god… This is magical.’ A couple bites later, and I realize how filling it is. Discussing this topic with my mom, I told her: “I could be vegetarian for the rest of my life, if I lived in India.” She laughed. It’s true though! (Such a satisfying diet.) You can find some vegetarian American dishes that are good, but it’s always been hard for me to like vegetarian American food. (I’m not referring to things like macaroni and cheese that have no meat in them anyway. These are mostly side dishes.) This is my own personal experience though.

I’m completely content living a vegetarian lifestyle, over here. The only way I would break this veg style, is if DN’s mommy makes Chicken Biryani. 😀 I just have to try it.
But again, I’m not missing the American diet… And I know these preferences will follow me back to America. 🙂

Eating Indian Food Changed My Life

Samosas with some kind of sauce, chutney and salad. Yummy!
Photo credit: Javier.

Roasted Alu Gobi Sabzi... Give me a good reason why you would NOT put that in your face.  It looks amazing! Photo credit: Meera

Roasted Alu Gobi Sabzi… Give me a good reason why you would NOT put that in your face.
It looks amazing!
Photo credit: Meera

Soon, I’m going to make a post about all of the delicious local food I’ve tried. From veg burgers to samosas with curry. (I’m going a bit mad, thinking about it… I guess it’s no secret that I love food!) I’m even working on a feature that allows me to write reviews. You guys are missing out! ♥

Until then, have a great week!
Goodnight India. ♥
Good afternoon,  America. ♥

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