Kanya Bhoj: Worshiping The Goddess Within Little Girls

Kanya Bhoj: Worshiping The Goddess Within Little Girls

Kanya Bhoj: Worshiping The Goddess Within Little Girls

Yesterday, DN told me something that inspired a double-take “Say What?!” moment. He told me, “In my society, we also touch the feet of young girls.” I was surprised, of course. All I’ve learned about so far, was touching the feet of elders.  I’m just surprised this happens with a young person, especially a girl… Pleasantly surprised!

He went on to tell me… That in his family and society (it doesn’t happen in every state and society) young girls are given gifts, food, and appreciation, and then everyone touches their feet to receive their blessings. It is believed that the Goddess Navdurga (which is all 9 forms of the Goddess Durga) resides in little girls as the divine feminine power. I did a bit of research and discovered that girls up to age 10 are celebrated, and more or less, worshipped for the Goddess within. ♥

Kanya means little girls, Bhoj means lunch. For Kanya Bhoj, the young girls are invited over (literally traveling from home to home) to eat lunch,  are given gifts, and celebrated for the little Goddesses they are! Following this, people touch their feet to receive their blessings and complete the worship of Navratri.

Outside of Navratri, it can happen for any reason or occasion. It also happens on the full moon, also known as Purnima or Poornima. What a way to celebrate the divine feminine power!

I was pleased to learn about little girls being celebrated… But one question I had was… Why are just little girls celebrated? Why aren’t women celebrated for life?

Regardless, my appreciation for and love of Maa Durga is constantly growing. What a beautiful celebration!

Kanya Bhoj Puja

Kanya Bhoj girl

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  • Cindy

    Awww. That’s amazing! I love it. ♡ I have the same curious question you have, but this is such a sweet tradition. Thank for learning more and sharing. Thank DN for giving her tidbits for interesting topics!

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