Last Night’s Haunted Dark Water Mystery

Last Night’s Haunted Dark Water Mystery

Last Night’s Haunted Dark Water Mystery

Have you ever seen the horror movie called Dark Water?

Last night, DN fell asleep while we were watching a movie. Feeling restless, I decided to stay awake and continue the movie. Around 2 AM, I heard my neighbors, a group of girls who work the night shift at a call center, come home. Shortly after, I heard the sound of running water. I didn’t think anything of it. It was a chilly night, so the idea of a shower, which is generally freezing cold, seemed mortifying – but whatever floats their boat.

About an hour passed, and I started to notice… The water was still running. DN woke, alarmed at the sound of water. I told him the girls who lived next door just came home not long ago, and he seemed to relax. When the sound persisted, DN checked the faucets, which were all off. He listened closely and concluded that someone must have left their faucet on, and it sounded like water was spilling all over the floor. It was unsettling to me, and I became restless. I jumped up and put my hoodie on. DN, looking startled, asked me what I was going to do. I warned him that this is how people usually die in scary movies, and told him I was going to go check it out. It seemed like it was coming from above us, and if there was anything I could do to help the neighbors or stop the problem, I wanted to.

The water sound gave me the creeps, and I couldn’t rest until I knew what was going on and if I could fix it myself.

I opened my door and then the iron gate… And this is what I found…

water on the stairs

I hesitantly stepped into the dark, icy water, and followed it upstairs…

water on the stairs 2

It seriously looked like something out of a horror movie, and all I could think of was the movie Dark Water – a Japanese horror movie, also remade into an American horror movie. In the movie, a woman moves with her child into a creepy tower-style apartment. They realize something is off when dark spots begin appearing on the ceiling, followed by mysterious dark water leaking into their apartment.


I digress… I followed the water to the rooftop…

water on the rooftop

DN stayed close behind me. These red, iron doors are hard for me to open. He opened them and led the way. Because it was so dark, we were unaware of the huge puddle of water waiting for us. When DN took the first step and it made a splash, I jumped a little.

FUN FACT: I highly dislike water I can’t see into. A recurring element in my dreams is dark or black water, and usually, I have to cross it anyway.

water on the rooftop 2

I crossed the distance and waited safely on the dry part of the rooftop as I attempted to assess the situation…

water on the rooftop 3

This is what it looked like, without flash.
(My camera doesn’t have the option to take a picture without flash. I physically had to cover the light with my hand, which cast a red glow nearby. Nothing evil, I promise.)

DN found the source, and called me over…

asian ghost

Okay just kidding. But I was sort of terrified this story would  turn out to be an Asian horror story.

water source

This was the source. DN called the landlord and found out that someone left a water pump on. Oh.. Okay… All is well then…

That concludes our “detective” moment. We returned to the apartment and within half an hour, the water problem was fixed. Luckily, no water actually got into my apartment.



  • Deb H

    Glad you guys did not have any trouble with flooding. Love your humor too, with the picture of the hands in the water.

    • Rani

      Thank you! 😀
      Yes, I’m glad too. There’s a small step up as you enter the apartment, so that’s why it didn’t get in.

  • Sarah Ebner

    Great post – even without the supernatural and totally scary picture! Glad it will/is sorted. But hope it doesn’t happen again……

  • Rohit


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