Long Distance Relationship – Being Half A World Away

Long Distance Relationship – Being Half A World Away

Long Distance Relationship – Being Half A World Away

In two days, I will have been back in America for one month. It seems like only yesterday that I was with DN, but at the same time, it feels like we’ve been apart for years. Both of us are ready to close the distance between us, and for our temporary long distance relationship nightmare to be over with. This part is bittersweet. It is the necessary evil, and in our case, distance definitely makes the heart grow fonder.

As it is important to constantly communicate, we call each other and Skype several times a day. When I wake up in the morning, it’s his evening. In my evening, it’s his morning. A big part of our days are spent without communication to the other, as the other is sleeping. It can be lonely, but it allows both of us to do what we need to do, in a day. Work, chores, family obligations, etc. Despite the gap in the middle of our day, we find a lot of time to talk to each other. We may or may not lose sleep at night, just to keep the other from feeling lonely. ♥

This part – the part where we wait to see each other again – is one of the most challenging parts yet. Emotions are raw, we are both sensitive and missing each other, and misunderstandings happen more frequently because of it. When we are lonely, we have a tendency to expect people to respond to our loneliness the way we want them to. It’s been a lesson to both of us, to not hold those expectations over each other. More importantly, we’ve learned how to make each other feel more comfortable, and feel as though there is no distance between us at all, sometimes.

The biggest lesson we have learned is that there is no greater pain, than being without each other. I guess that’s what true love is like. Whatever challenges we face in the future, they are nothing in comparison. I guess being apart has helped strengthen us, after all. But even so, we are both anxious to be together again, as the next phase of our lives waits patiently around the corner.

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