Maids In India: My First Experience

Maids In India: My First Experience

Maids In India: My First Experience

I knew before I got to India, that it was common for families to have maids. Even the less wealthier families have maids, in India. For those who don’t know: In America, only the wealthy have maids. I have read all kinds of stories about Indian families and their maids, and at first it blew my mind. How can even poor families have a maid? Well, I have come to find that many families here have maids. Today was my first encounter with the maid of this household.

As you know, I rent a room here in Jhansi, from a nice family. It has its own separate entrance, so there is never a reason to bother the family inside, when I come and go. A while ago, the owner of the house talked to Bodyguard about letting the maid clean my room. I would have to pay a fee in addition to the rent, so Bodyguard declined by default. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I may not be able to get all the cleaning supplies I need right away… And I would definitely be busy with work!

So today the maid came in, as well as the owner’s wife, to remove a dead rat in the room next to mine. At one point, the owner’s wife left, and the maid immediately started talking to me in Hindi. I couldn’t understand her, except bits and pieces and she couldn’t understand me. It didn’t stop her from trying to talk to me, though. 😀 Much like Bodyguard’s aunt, on Holi.
When the owner’s wife returned, she asked me what the maid said to me. I laughed and said, “I don’t know.” Aunty and the maid laughed. Aunty then said, “She’s asking if you clean your room, or if you would like her to clean your room?”
I said, “I would like for her to clean the room. Uncle said I would have to pay a fee, and I’m okay with that.”
We all came to an agreement, and the maid started cleaning my room right away. When she was finished, I paid her in advance, and Aunty told me she would be back every few days, around this time. Success! This will make my life a little bit easier, now that I have so much work to do.

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