Medical Emergency Abroad

Medical Emergency Abroad

Medical Emergency Abroad

Nothing could convince me to get travel insurance before I left. I had a dream of travelling, not a fat wallet. Travel insurance is much too costly, and I thought: If anything goes wrong, I can handle it.

And I guess that’s true.

Because four days ago, I fell ill…

My stomach was hurting so badly. I was sick the weekend before, but I thought it was just a violent stomach flu or maybe I ate something my stomach couldn’t tolerate. I’m not really afraid of eating street food after all. It made sense to me… Until the problem wouldn’t go. I was trapped in a nauseating agony of pain, and bedridden. I had declined DN’s offer to take me to the doctor a handful of times, but finally I had enough.

We went to a nearby clinic, where the doctor saw me in less than five minutes. The doctor asked me a few questions, took my temperature, pushed on my stomach and then prescribed medicine for the pain and a few other symptoms. He ordered tests, one of which was an ultrasound. The appointment took only 20 minutes, to my surprise.

That evening I went to take the ultrasound test. I was feeling a bit nervous, as I’d never had an ultrasound test done. She gave a nod, mid-test, and announced the cause of my problems… A cyst causing the pain in my lower stomach, and a stone in my gallbladder. Both measuring a little over an inch!

I visited two doctors the next day, who told me the same thing: The gallbladder must be surgically removed. Since the width of the gallbladder is just over an inch, and the stone measures just over an inch, there’s not much room for error and no time to waste. DN, Via and another friend have been helpful in scouting out doctors and hospitals. Since moving can be quite painful, I was pretty reliant on DN. He always finds the best place for me though. ♥

Unfortunately, as I mentioned, I don’t have medical insurance and I’m currently waiting for my family to send me the money for the operation. I should be getting the surgery done sometime this week at a nearby hospital, recommended by the US Embassy.

Well, it’s almost time to leave for the hospital…


    • Rani

      Thanks Mani! I’m happy to report that I’m almost completely healed, now.

  • Andrea

    Oh dear! You will be fine. Gallbladder surgery is very very common! My husband had it done at the age of 26 or 27. You will need to be very careful what you eat first few weeks after the operation but you will be okay !! Make sure someone is with you for that first week ! All the best to you and I know you are gonna get through it just fine. This is all future old stuff so don’t worry!!!

    • Rani

      Ahaha future old stuff, I like that. 😀 Thanks Andrea ♥

  • American Punjaban PI

    I hope all goes well and you recover quickly. I had minor surgery in India tood and despite all the things I saw that I didn’t like, things went just fine. You’re in a much better city for things like this than I was.

    • Rani

      Oh my! Where were you? Do you have a post about it? Things went well in the end. I’m just glad it’s over and I’m almost completely better.

  • Cindy

    The interim was scary. Not being able to be there and then having to get you money quickly so a doctor could help you and take away your pain. It was tough as a mother being so far away and I know it was hard for you too. ♡

    • Rani

      Yes, it was. Scary in many ways, too.

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