My First Time At A Restaurant, In India

My First Time At A Restaurant, In India

My First Time At A Restaurant, In India

With DN gone, I had no one to really escort me around. I didn’t want to go out alone (not yet), and I needed to go get some lunch. So I summoned another friend local to the city, an old business partner with my family’s company! When he arrived, we introduced ourselves, having never met in person before. I met his cousin as well, and we made our way through the city, and to a restaurant called Opium.

The food was amazing, and the atmosphere was really calming. Seating arrangements varied from tabletops and chairs, to couches with glass coffee tables between them. We sat on the couches, talked about the upcoming elections in India, and waited for our food.

Yummy Kashmiri Aloo with Butter Roti and Salad. Tandoori Aloo, with Chutney (I believe) and Salad. So good!

I asked my friend to teach me how to eat each dish. 😀 I wanted to learn the ways!

When our meal was finished, the waiter brought a curious mixture of what tasted like candy, anise seed, and sugar. Who knows what was actually in it. 😀 I asked my friends, but they couldn’t find the English words to describe it. I’ll find out someday. I placed a little in my hand, with the spoon, and tossed it back. I chewed it around for a few minutes. Oh my. Mouth freshener indeed. It was yummy – and very refreshing.

Ahh! 😀

When we were finished, we drove around for a while.

Eventually, we stopped by my friend’s house. What a nice family! 🙂 They teased me quite a bit, for not knowing very much Hindi. Ahaha, but it was all in good fun.

Me and my friend’s family! 🙂 I look so tired.

After this, my friend and his cousin drove me back to my hotel. 🙂
Unfortunately, I was under the weather the next day. I initially thought it was the food, but the symptoms cleared up almost immediately. I realized I was experiencing dehydration. I drank a ton of water, rested and felt better almost immediately.

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