My Relationship With Learning Hindi

My Relationship With Learning Hindi

My Relationship With Learning Hindi

After my comment to Lauren (English Wife, Indian Life) about Hindi, I realized I should probably elaborate on why I chose to name my website “My Hindi Heart” as I don’t often talk about learning Hindi. You might already know that my curiosity and love for India began with my love for the Hindi language. Let me tell you the story of that exact day. I remember it well.
At the time, I lived in Ohio, I didn’t have a job. My only job was to clean the apartment and cook, when I wanted to. That day, it was just me and Malechi (my German Shepherd/Husky mix) at home, and I had just finished my chores. I was chatting with DN for some time that morning. (Side note: His English back then was good, but still a little broken. So cute. 😀 ) DN suggested I watch a movie called Jab We Met. I was excited when I saw it on Netflix! I immediately jumped out of bed and started getting a snack ready, for the movie.

My first Bollywood movie. 😀

As I began watching the movie, I was fascinated by the language, and watch their lips as they spoke. I repeated what I heard, like a small child. I enjoyed speaking it, though I wasn’t very good at it. 😀 After watching the entire movie, I decided I had a newfound love for Hindi, Indian culture, and Bollywood. I also hummed “Aao Milo Chalo” for weeks, until I learned the words and what they meant. That song was the anthem to my 2010 summer. 😀

As DN and I have been friends for quite some time, I’ve also picked up a lot of Hindi from him. For a time, I even traveled to the next city to learn Hindi from my dear friend Amit, on my lunch breaks at 2 AM. (When I worked overnights at Walmart, he also worked overnights.) It wasn’t until recently that I dedicated time to learning Hindi on my own, without help. I tested the waters with my friends, to try out the phrases I had learned. My results? “Oh, that’s too formal. We don’t actually say that.” or “No, we say that in English.” or “Hahahaha.”
Pro tip: Testing out your newfound Hindi can be quite humbling. 😀

It’s alright though, as I’d rather be a bit embarrassed and learn how to speak and sound natural, than walk around India speaking Hindi incorrectly.
Sometimes I even send DN voice clips of Hindi words and phrases I am trying to pronounce. He says I do good, but I always have my doubts. 😀 One thing I do have a bit of trouble with, is pronouncing BH words. Like bhabhi, bhaiya, bhi… Etc. The sound always comes out  either b-hi or pi. It’s always inconsistent, and there is never an in-between…
But I’m still learning. 🙂 I am determined!

At this point in time, I know a few basic phrases.
Namaste / Aap kaise hain? (Tum kaise ho?) / Main acchi hoon / Kya ho raha hai? / Tum kya kar rahe ho? / Kuch nahi / Tum kahan ho? / Abhi / Chalo – And so on. I should also add that I know them, I can recognize these phrases when I hear them, and I can even speak them – but how well? That’s another story. 😀 I can also write my name, though I haven’t memorized the Devanagari script nor can I count yet. I’ve a long way to go. :O
Next time I practice writing, I’ll post a picture. It’s quite fascinating for me to look at, but in the eyes of someone familiar with the language, it might seem like the work of a small child. 😀 Haha

It’s going to be interesting to look back on this post, once I have learned Hindi. <3

Okay, that’s all for now. It’s way past my bed time. 🙂

Goodnight Good early morning America. Have an awesome afternoon / evening, India!

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