New Comic: Bragging Rights

New Comic: Bragging Rights

New Comic: Bragging Rights

It all starts when I’m out with someone else…

Pretty much right after introductions, people feel the need to spill my entire life story. As if it isn’t awkward enough for me, it’s even more awkward watching these poor innocent bystanders stammering and trying to think of something positive to say.

Some people have misconceptions about India, and that’s an entirely different (and way more frustrating) conversation.
Which might sound something like this:

Innocent bystander: “Hello”
Me: “Hey, how are you?”
Friend/Family: “So..! Crystal just got back from India, where she lives, and she’ll be returning soon to get married!”
Innocent bystander: “Oh… India.. Why?”

People are too overwhelmed to digest what they just heard. I get awkward responses every single time.

It’s even more embarrassing when said friend or family member approaches someone who looks Middle Eastern, mistaking them for Indian.
A whole Bangladeshi family had to endure my story twice. A random guy from Jerusalem at the mall. A guy from Iran.

Not to mention, everyone introduces me to their Indian friends or acquaintances.
And I really love meeting people, don’t get me wrong…
But if someone introduced their cousin to you, and he was like: “I love America! Woo hoo! Bald Eagles!” …wouldn’t that be awkward for both of you?

I know you mean well.
But guys – come on.

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