Safe And Sound In India

Safe And Sound In India

Safe And Sound In India

I’m writing to you from my apartment in New Delhi. God, does it feel good to be back. I have a really great story about the entire journey, but I’ll save the detailed version for another time. In summary, the trip went well. I got to see New York City at sunset from the airplane, as well as the Statue of Liberty. That is the first time I have ever seen NYC and Lady Liberty! It was truly a beautiful sight. The layover in Newark lasted a few hours, but I stood as I waited. The flight to Delhi was long, but it didn’t seem as long as last time. I also made an American friend; A girl that was sitting next to me during the flight.

When I reached Delhi, DN, Via, and a third friend were there to receive me. I was instantly at ease when I saw DN, and couldn’t help but smile. The trio suffered as they helped me carry my luggage – all 3 suitcases, a carry-on and a backpack. We took the metro to the station near Akshardham and took a rickshaw from there to my apartment.

I’ve stayed in, since I arrived. Resting and nursing DN back to health. Poor DN is currently sick, and I’m not as equipped to help him as I would like to be! 🙁 But I have made him some Teavana herbal “Blueberry Bliss” tea, and he seemed to like it. I know it’s far outside what he is familiar with, but it’s packed full of flavor, and I’m sure it feels really nice on his sore throat.

Here’s to his health – and hoping he heals soon. ♥

More updates later.


  • Lauren Mokasdar

    Yay! So glad you arrived safely! How lovely to be so close to Akshardham! 😀

    Update us soon!

  • shannon

    So glad you made it all safe and sound! Excited to read about your adventures!

  • eliza

    you & your bloody indian life! How stupid u people r came to a hellish country & following indianess! U gone mad! Mad girls & abnormal too!

    • Rani

      LOL Sounds like you’re too busy hating what others are doing to enjoy life yourself, Eliza.
      I relish the fact that I’m not normal.
      It lead me to accomplishing my dreams.

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