Still Waiting For My Visa

Still Waiting For My Visa

Still Waiting For My Visa

There’s been a delay in getting my visa, obviously causing some serious worry. As you know, I’m still waiting for my visa… But I finally have some news!
Due to a shipping error, my visa was shipped back to my local consular office. Yikes! I never received a tracking number on it, until after the shipping error was made anyway, and I had to call to get it. And yes, I finally found their number, in plain sight. (My fault really.) So today, I called them, and now they are shipping it back to me (hopefully error free) and giving me the tracking number by the end of the day. What a relief!

The time for returning to India is nigh!

I find myself growing more anxious as time passes. I’m very ready to go back. I’ve spent a lot of time with family since I’ve been home, and I’m glad to have had the opportunity. I did miss home a bit. It’s just that I really feel like I’m meant to be in India. It’s spiritually fulfilling, I feel a sense of belonging… It’s challenging in a way, but that’s what I like about it. Living in India will be a triumphant moment for me, the way that living in my own house in Missouri, USA, never was. Like sticking a flag at the mountaintop of my life. The banner would say, “These are the elements of tomorrow.” Ultimately, I know that this is where life really begins for me. I guess everything until now has been a tutorial. 😉

It’s also a nice feeling, knowing that my future husband is waiting for my return, as much as I am waiting to see him again.
And on that note, my single status affidavit is officially on its way to me! I’ll write more about the marriage process, as events progress.

Until then… Godspeed, visa!


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