Telling The Parents…

Telling The Parents…

Telling The Parents…
If you haven’t read the first part of the story, check it out before continuing.
My phone rang…
My heart slowed in anticipation, as I opened my eyes and looked over at my phone. I grabbed it, unlocked it, and read DN’s message.
At first, everything seemed normal, as if nothing had happened. We each spent a bit of time making sure the other was okay, before he started opening up about the conversation he had with his family, about us.
To my surprise, his family’s reaction towards our relationship wasn’t bad. It was very normal. Not to say I expected a bad reaction, but I had my worries. His family had a few legitimate concerns about me and our relationship. Typical concerns such as culture, language barrier, and future frustrations derived from these concerns. I can understand their concerns. Though if they knew me a little better, they would eliminate more than half of their worries.
One thing I find upsetting, is that there is a huge negative light cast over Westerners or people from Western culture. We are seen as party people, fun loving and according to this stereotype, we don’t believe in love and we can’t commit to a serious relationship. I’ve had my own battles, dealing with this stereotype. It’s definitely harsh, but some of it is true. I can see how a culture that believes in being with one person your entire life, could be shocked by a culture that believes in one-night-stands and leaving a relationship when it becomes inconvenient.
But it’s worth noting that this is a generalization of Western culture.
Western life
Everyone is different. There is always a different belief, a different story and different choices between each person.
As it stands, DN’s family has been made aware of our relationship. According to DN, this process went well. As well as it could go, while they still don’t know much about me. We are both confident that they will be fully accepting as they come to understand me, and learn of my dedication to this lifestyle, culture and DN. At least some of his family members are already supportive of our relationship. (Which makes this easier…)
Since our discovery of their concerns, we’ve been setting and accomplishing goals as we work towards eliminating their worries and fears.
Since then, DN meets me on the weekends, and we study Hindi together. He was impressed that I taught myself to read (at least a little), and has helped me learn to read even more. He has been helping me read and pronounce basic words, and even short stories. The progress has been astounding.
Aside from Hindi, every day I learn a little more about culture and etiquette here. Especially when I go out with DN. We also NEVER get tired of learning from each other, even when things get frustrating or upsetting. We make a pretty great team. ♥
With only one month left, what happens next?

Well… As you may or may not know, I am returning to India as soon as possible, after coming home. When I return to India I will be getting an apartment and continuing to work towards my new life in India with DN.

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