The First Week In My New Apartment In Delhi

The First Week In My New Apartment In Delhi

The First Week In My New Apartment In Delhi

Well, DN is almost completely healed. I am working on recovering from being sick as well. Proximity.

He’s been taking good care of me though. There were times when I couldn’t even talk, or all I could think about was sleeping. This morning he cooked parathas and sabji. It was delicious – like the poha he made for me the night before. I had never had poha until then. Poha is rice, but it’s flattened. It’s rich in flavor, and very fluffy. It’s a great breakfast dish, but we had it for dinner instead. I love breakfast for dinner. 😀


I’ve been doing some cooking as well, but I’ve learned that cooking American food is going to be a bit tricky. My stove, even at the lowest temperature, is way too hot. Which is perfect when cooking anything else, ironically.

I’ve been helping DN in the kitchen to learn his “kitchen magic“, as I call it. I’m watching him as he makes the roti perfectly round. It’s sorcery, I tell you. He is also teaching me how to make roti, parathas… Sabji is pretty easy for me to understand, and I can already make a few dishes. I love learning which spices he uses, and how he likes his food to taste.

When we’re not cooking, we are exploring the markets, working, going on walks, or otherwise just talking. We’re back to being inseparable. ♥
Everything is well decorated, because people are celebrating Navratri. — Click here to read about Navratri.
When I was walking through the marketplace, tinsel was strung about, flowers everywhere. Idols of Maa Durga were being worshiped, and local temples were ringing their bells. You can hear people blasting songs of worship all day. I love the warmth of the holidays. ♥ I’ll post pictures soon.
In other news, my apartment is nice. It’s perfect for me. Before I got sick, I was spending my free time doing some deep cleaning. You wouldn’t believe the dust in here, at first.
Anyway, that means I have acquainted myself with Indian housekeeping. I’ll post more about that in the next post, and I’ll be posting pictures of my home soon.
Until then, here are a few pictures of our daily lives together… ♥

This is what my bedroom looks like. It’s only empty because I was doing some heavy duty cleaning.

Here’s my living room. It’s also only empty because I was cleaning.

Some yummy dinner DN made. :v

DN and I were enjoying some coffee together. It’s my mom’s favorite brand, and I brought it from home. I also got him addicted to these cranberry almond cookies.


  • Cindy

    I’m glad you are taking care of each other and teaching each other. ♡ When you drink that coffee, we are in turn having coffee together. xoxo ~ Mom

  • Katy

    Can you show more pictures of the apartment? It’s so fascinating to see how decor is different in other cultures (even if influenced by Americans)

    • Rani

      Oh yes Katy! I definitely will! It’s pretty bare right now, but we’ll go shopping soon to start decorating. I can’t wait to show everyone what it will become. I’ll have to take good before and after pictures. 🙂

    • Rani

      I’ll check it out! I’m practicing, and I think I’m getting better at it. At first, mine were odd shapes, undercooked in places and definitely not round. :/ It’s a learning experience haha
      Thanks for stopping by, Mani ♥

  • Susan

    Sorry you’ve been sick, but it sounds like you and DN are having a wonderful time together. I like your apartment, and could it be the dust that made you sick? When I do heavy cleaning, I get a sore throat, mucous in my chest and throat. Glad the two of you are together again. 🙂 Susan

    • Rani

      Thank you Susan! ♥

  • snigdha

    hi. Hope u r fiine

  • rohit

    Welcome in Delhi. Best wishes of Vijaydashmi and Navratri. Hope soon you love delhi and become familiar with Indian Festival. Festival of light Diwali are near. Here festival are going.

    • Rani

      Thank you again, Rohit! I wish you the best!

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