The Visa Circus

The Visa Circus

The Visa Circus

I’ve had a tough time, but finally, I am able to say that my visa arrived yesterday. However, I did not expect the long-awaited visa to be only a six month visa. While I should be happy I got a visa at all, I can’t help but be a little disappointed… I was making life plans! Life plans can’t happen in six months… At least, not the way they are supposed to happen. I guess I feel a little guilty for not being grateful, but I definitely applied for a 10 year visa, and went through hell to get my visa returned to me, only to find a 6 month visa. Now I realize it’s at their discretion, whether or not I get a 10 year visa, but there’s no reason why I shouldn’t have a 10 year visa. I guess I feel like I deserve to know why I didn’t get it. More importantly, I want to know if it was a mistake on their part (CKGS), or if I was actually denied for some reason. Currently, I’m trying to contact CKGS, but they are closed for the upcoming holidays (India’s Independence Day and Janamashtami) and the weekend, so my next opportunity is on Tuesday.

The unfortunate part about all of this is the way CKGS has been behaving. They are very dodgy and dishonest. A number of times, while I was desperately trying to locate my visa, they promised to call me, or email me back and never did. They said they had the tracking number, and only gave it to me after the package failed to be delivered. They said they knew where it was, when actually, they had no idea. I had to find it myself by hunting it down through FedEx. Which, by the way, it was stuck in a holding center in Tennessee, because CKGS was not responding to FedEx either. Actually, I bet if I called CKGS and asked them where my package was, they would probably say they knew exactly where it was, and that they would send me an email about it. Though it has been delivered. The truth is, they are very dishonest.

I want to inquire about the 10 year visa. If, somehow, I can fix this and get the 10 year visa… How could I possibly trust CKGS with my passport again? I feel lucky that I managed to track it down. The thought of giving them my passport again makes me cringe. I wish there was another way to go about getting this visa, but unfortunately, this is the only way. BLS was fast and easy for me last time. What a mess… :/ If it’s possible to fix this, unfortunately I will be staying a few more weeks to do so. Better to sacrifice a few more weeks here, than go without a visa that lasts 10 years. We’ll see what happens.

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