This Week In India…

This Week In India…

This Week In India…

I stepped onto the rooftop and looked around. Twilight. The sun set about 40 minutes ago. I walked slowly to the clothesline as a gentle breeze rolled by. I looked into the dusty skyline. An orange haze swept over everything, and the smell of burning wood sifted by. I looked up. The moon was in the middle of the sky. Deep blue and teal colors washed away by the orange haze, but stars began peeking through. In the distance, yellow lights flashed by as the metro train passed on its way to the metro station. It honked and roared as it passed. The streets below were busy still. I could hear honking and the hum of crowds of people talking. The musical sound of bats hovering above… I began plucking the pins off my clothes and folding them over my arm slowly… there was enough moonlight to see by.

I was mesmerized by the twilight, and lost in thought due to missing DN. (And a little sleep-drunk, I have to admit, as I had just woken up from a nap.) DN left this afternoon, to visit his family and attend a wedding. I miss him constantly, let’s be honest. We’ve gotten closer since beginning (officially) our relationship, and even closer since I arrived in Delhi. He’s been my caretaker, guardian, and teacher. He arranged my PG, and communicates with the guys who run this place, if there are ever issues. He arranged for food to be delivered to me, and now, freshly squeezed juice (Sweet Lemon juice. It’s like lemonade.) is delivered every morning as well. He’s been teaching me about Indian etiquette, and now he is my Hindi teacher as well. I really am very lucky. β™₯

Back to the basics! :D I'm not ashamed. I'm starting from scratch! β™₯

Back to the basics! πŸ˜€ I’m not ashamed. I’m starting from scratch! β™₯

I’ve met DN’s elder sister (one of them), her husband and their son, quite a few times now. Every occasion is a good occasion, and I’m so glad they invite me out with them. They always feed me, too. πŸ˜€ It’s an adventure every time. They helped me get new shoes, and even an Indian dress. How does it look? πŸ˜€ I love it.

The pretty Indian dress I got. β™₯ I love the scarf / dupatta too.

The pretty Indian dress I got. β™₯ I love the scarf / dupatta too.

On a more serious note, I was having a hard time the other night. As it turns out, finding ways to manage my stress or frustrations, in India, is much harder than I imagined. When I do get frustrated with or confused by culture, as I make this transition from American to Indian culture, I have no outlet – no way to handle my stress. At least, I have to find a new way. Moments when I want to smile and laugh it away, it’s not appropriate to smile or laugh. It could be taken as flirtatious. Moments when I get frustrated and I just want to talk about it, I can’t, as it’s not appropriate to talk to DN in certain company. It’s different for me, and I have to find new ways to handle my stress or I end up an emotional mess.

But I knew this road would be packed full of challenges, and no matter how difficult each challenge is, I’m ready to face the next one.

Hopefully within the next few weeks, I will be learning how to cook (a little), and learning even more about Indian etiquette.
Anyway, that’s all for now! I’m going to attempt to blog more often, just for you! πŸ™‚


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