Travelling Back to the U.S.

Travelling Back to the U.S.

Travelling Back to the U.S.

I know you are all very eager to hear the story about my return to the U.S. While I have been busy with work and family, and I still have to tell the story about my Nepal adventures, I’d like to at least tell you this story now… It was quite the adventure.

Dawn of the New Day

I worked for many hours, the morning of the departure day. While I wanted to be spending most of my time clinging to DN, we found ourselves needing the money, and dedicated to working for it. We sat side by side, as we always have, and worked for many hours that morning. After chai and a nice breakfast, DN went out to do some last minute shopping, and I started organizing my suitcase.

One backpack, one purse, one suitcase. I only packed a few personal items into my suitcase. A few shawls and scarves, some shoes, and a stuffed bear DN gave to me. Otherwise, my suitcase was filled to the brim with souvenirs.

When I packed as much as I could, I did some last minute laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and started working again. DN returned a short while later with the last minute souvenirs I requested and some food to eat. I quickly ate while DN wrapped a box of sweets he had purchased for my family while he was in Agra. Food in hand, I rushed around, making sure I had everything I needed. At this time, it was already the afternoon. My flight was at 6:45 p.m. and we wanted to get an early start, considering it took nearly two hours to travel by the metro train.

DN helped me pack my backpack as I started to assemble myself. When he finished, I grabbed my purse and shrugged the backpack into place. DN took my suitcase into the living room, and I knew it was time to say goodbye to my home in Delhi.

Delhi Airport

After a lengthy metro ride to the airport, an airport worker helped carry the suitcase on a cart, all the way to metro tunnel exit. Before leaving, the man grabbed the cart and gave DN an expecting glance. “Oh!” DN exclaimed, and dug around in his pockets. He tipped the airport worker and off we went. There was no time to spare. As DN wasn’t allowed inside the airport, as no one without a ticket is allowed inside, our goodbye was brief.

“Are you going to hug me?” I teased. DN suddenly hugged me. I squeezed him as tightly as I could. After a few seconds, I grabbed the cart and began walking towards the door. “I’ll be quick!” I lovingly teased DN, who was already choked up.

To be continued…

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