Updates! Updates Everywhere…

Updates! Updates Everywhere…

Updates! Updates Everywhere…

It’s been a busy week, but I promised myself I would update at least once a week! So here we are. 🙂
I went on vacation last weekend with my family. We went to Branson, Missouri. It’s well known tourist spot, here in my home state. It was really nice spending all that time with my family, considering I won’t be seeing them for most of my Spring and Summer. It was like reliving memories, riding in the car with all of my siblings. Annoying each other, playing loud music and making jokes the entire drive. The place we stayed, was a luxury guest house. It was beautiful, and I definitely could never get used to all that luxury haha.
It was wonderful to relax and feel so detached from the rest of the world, for a while. It’s rare.
Aside from the family bonding time, I had a chance to take a few hours to myself and get some serious writing done. It was so inspiring and fulfilling. ♥
I’m working on a few projects to kick-start the whole “working for myself” goal. Wish me luck. 🙂


Snuggled up on my bed, writing away. What an amazing view.

After writing for a while, I went upstairs and had a cup of coffee with my mom, on the balcony. Did I mention it was -25 degrees C? Regardless, we enjoyed our coffee, and made an awesome memory.

Our view of the lake, just after sunset.

Our view of the lake, just after sunset.

When I returned, my passport and visa was waiting for me at the UPS office. What luck! After looking at the expiration date, I realized I technically only have 4 months in India, before I have to leave. 🙁 Yikes. That doesn’t feel long enough.

It finally arrived!

On a separate note, (based on a conversation I am currently having), why on earth does everyone bring up American fast food? Some of my Indian friends have offered to take me to McDonald’s when I am in India, and one friend worries that I will starve because there is no McDonald’s where I will be staying. XD What gives, guys? I will not wither away without American “crap” fast food. I hardly eat it, and I live here. 😀
But it’s not just my Indian friends. My own friends and family have asked me, “Do they have McDonald’s in India?” Hahaha. 😀 Of course they do, but I’m not interested in eating fast food. Especially in a country with so much delicious food.

Well, to wrap this all up, I have been reading another woman’s blog about her experiences in India. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, finding someone to share my passions with and relate to. If you like what you read here, or you are curious, please check her out here.

Now, it’s definitely my bed time, as it is 3:06 AM!
Goodnight. ♥


  • Lauren (English Wife, Indian Life)

    Good luck with your projects!! I am sure you will do amazingly!!

    It is so annoying that the visas start from the date of issue and not the date of travel. The last minute nature of my move means that I received my visa 2 weeks before travel. I just cannot wait to get my PIO card so I don’t have to threat about it any longer.

    The fact that your trip is now going to be 4months gives you even more of an excuse to come back! So… don’t worry, everything happens for a reason- you have to have faith in that.

    It reminds me of my water damaged passport, I couldn’t visit India for Diwali because of it but in the end it meant that I decided to quit my job and move to India as soon as I received a replacement. Heartbreak took me to bliss, the best decision I ever made!


    Keep blogging!! (thank you for mentioning my blog btw :))

    Lots of love x

  • Cindy

    I enjoyed making memories and having all of you together under one big roof too. When you have 4 grown or almost grown children, 2 toddlers and 3 more adults, it does get quite cramped in our medium sized home. That vacation house was such an amazing place to relax and everyone have their own space. We came together at moments, ate dinner at a table as a family (which is one of my very favorite things) and even got time to break away for special moments in smaller groups. Coffee on the balcony at sunset was beautiful – nevermind the freezing weather. The swimming trip with your brothers, your sister, Sonny and the toddlers was fun!! The jacuzzi in the snow was beautiful. I, too, thought this was a beautiful memory for all of us and how lovely it was to get together before your trip. Although you aren’t leaving forever and are only gone for 4 months, we will miss you immensely! That being said, I cannot WAIT to read about your time in India. I cannot wait for the pictures and the experiences that will be painted through your words for me to see. I will be right there with you…. always. <3 xoxo Mom

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