We Finally Got A Plant!

We Finally Got A Plant!

We Finally Got A Plant!

Okay, I know you might not be as excited as I am about this, but I’ve been waiting weeks to get a plant. I went without for a few weeks because of getting sick, and then the healing process. Also because of bad timing though. When I sent DN out, the plant man was out of sight!

So here’s how it happened. This afternoon, when DN came home from brunch, I expressed my desire for a plant to take care of… Again. DN mentioned that he knew where to find one, but he would have to travel quite a distance and he was feeling very tired. I reminded him that a man that sells plants on the back of his wagon comes down our street every day! I raced to the balcony and scanned the street. Just then, turning the corner and coming down my street was the plant man! I was practically jumping up and down telling DN what I saw. I grabbed some money from my purse and raced out the door. I waited for DN just outside the door and we went out together, to take a look at the plants. There were many different plants, and they were all beautiful, but I knew which plant I wanted, when I saw it… The Yellow Marigolds! DN talked to the plant man, and they followed me inside. The plant man used his tools to transfer the marigold from its plastic container into its new clay pot. I felt quite accomplished.

mhh marigold

Thank you, Plant Man. ~


I’m feeling better by the way. I woke up with energy, and I’m no longer feeling any pain. I had to get the staples removed a few days ago, but I’m feeling much better! I found myself in a cleaning mood, after spending my morning reading My Japanese Husband Thinks I’m Crazy by Grace from Texan in Tokyo. I swept the entire house, washed the dishes – you know, the things I would have done normally, had I not been sick… But I tell you, I felt like Superwoman. DN felt inspired and helped me. He started with laundry and then helped me dust and finished by cleaning the floors. What a great day.

I have some unfortunate news though. I have to postpone my recipe challenge, due to falling sick. I’m a little disappointed, but DN and I are collecting recipes to prepare for when I am able to begin the challenge.

But I do have some great news coming soon!


  • Hema

    Hi Crystal, can totally relate the feeling of getting a new plant. I have a few pots in my balcony garden and every time I scout the nursery for a new plant, I get that burst of happiness and excitement 🙂 Wishing you a speedy recovery

    • Rani

      Thanks Hema! I hope I can get a few more plants, to give my balcony a sense of life and a little color.

  • Deb H

    so glad to hear you are doing so much better. the marigolds are beautiful. Plants do make things more home like. Love to you.

    • Rani

      Yes, it’s quite a relief. And I’m loving the marigolds. ♥

  • Pooja Sharma Rao

    Lovely blog. My first time her, would love to read more. get well soon 🙂

    • Rani

      Thank you! 🙂

  • amanda mcmahon

    A plant may not seem like much, but yes, it is the small things. I hope you’re feeling better.

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